Saturday, 6 May 2017

Attempt at Hand-rolling A Honeycomb Beehive Candle

I tried to figure out a moment on how to fully utilize a full beeswax sheet measured 20 cm x 42 cm to make a beehive shaped candle by using hand-rolled method. After some calculations, I came out with an idea to make it with 10 cm height by measuring 10 cm, 5 cm, 5 cm, 0 cm on the left and 7.5 cm, 7.5 cm, 2.5 cm, 2.5 cm on the right then cut the honeycomb sheet diagonally into 4 pieces just like below.

In fact, I am not sure yet how exactly the candle will look like when it is done but I start to roll anyway.

The largest piece was rolled first

After two bigger pieces were rolled

Left the last smallest piece


Here it is... my beehive candle measuring 10 cm tall by 6.5 cm diameter at base. Next blog, I am going to share the testing on burning this candle, so please stay tune!