Monday, 22 August 2016

Taper, Votive or Pillar?

Having long vacation in South Korea now, but i know I miss candle making. My hands are itchy and rolling some candles definitely is a great idea to solve.

When rubber cutting board, utility knife, ruler together with beeswax sheets and wicks are ready on the table, I started without further delay.

A pair of taper candles were firstly made. This time I made them in approximately 16 cm height x 2.5 cm diameter and each burns around 4 hours.

Next, I used half of a beeswax sheet and rolled a votive candle. The size is approximately 5 cm height x 5 cm diameter.

I discontinued the burning when it reached about 5 hours. It has few more hours to go on next burnnig.

The last candle I made is a pillar. It is 10 cm height x 5 cm diameter. I don't feel like burn it yet and it will accompany little longer I guess ;)

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