Saturday, 28 March 2015

Beeswax Candles Create Fresh Air Onboard

Recently I read an article pertaining the essential of fresh atmosphere onboard, written by Alene Keenan.

Alene is the founder and CEO of Yacht Stew Solutions (YSS). In fact, she has been a megayacht stew for over two decades. She provides teaching, interior crew training, workshops and consultation nowadays. When free, Alene likes to write for The Triton, a nautical newspaper for crews and captains.

Alene mentioned in her article that when guests step inside a yacht or boat, the comfortability is the thing they focus on. The criterias include the first impression and odor that welcome them when they walk onboard.

Boats are filled with funky smells at any time, such as odors come from cooking, chemicals and just general 'life onboard' odor. Most of the time, mold and mildew are the main culprit, as she said. Besides control the cleanliness and moisture level of a boat by running a dehumidifier and applying silica gel units, Alene also added that well maintenance of indoor air quality is needed in order to create fresh condition to the visitors.

Compared to outdoor air, indoor air contains more chemicals and toxins from materials like carpet and fabrics. Although it is pretty well impossible to thoroughly get rid of hazardous toxins, Alene told that there are several natural ways to diminish exposure to indoor chemicals and one of her favorites is by using beeswax candles.

In her article, she agreed that air cleanliness can be improved by burning pure beeswax candles without practically any smoke. Alene also realize that the release of negative ions when burning the candles is effective at eliminating dust and dander from the air and this is particularly advantageous for people who suffer from asthma or allergies.

A clean and fresh atmosphere is extremely crucial in welcoming the guest onboard. Alene gave advice to crews to be confident doing their best to maintain comfortable environment onboard with good air quality.