Sunday, 18 May 2014

How to Filter Beeswax?


This video shows exactly a way that you could follow and filter beeswax by yourself.

Step 1: Break the beeswax into smaller chunks (if it's in bulky size)

Step 2: Place the beeswax chunks into a melting pot with water

Step 3: Heat the pot carefully without burning the beeswax and let the beeswax melts thoroughly

Step 4: Hang a polyester filter bag to something strong and easy to undergo the filtering process later

Step 5: Place a container underneath the filter bag

Step 6: Pour the melting beeswax from pot into the filter bag

Step 7: Let the filtered beeswax cool and become solid again in the container

Dirt will remain in the filter bag and now you'll get your beeswax filtered!

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