Thursday, 22 November 2012

Celebrate Christmas with a Christmas Tree Candle

Ho…ho…ho…another Christmas is coming! Now is certainly not too early to prepare Christmas presents for you or friends and family. If candle is a great idea to you, perhaps you should consider a more environmental friendly and charming Christmas Tree Candle. It is made with 100 percent beeswax coil and no paraffin mixed. Imagine how wonderful it is to enjoy the warm light all day long on the celebration since it can be burned up to 80 hours. You will also be delighted by the 14 lovely ornaments decorated on the Christmas Tree Candle.

To use it, simply place the beeswax coil through the spring loaded clip in increments of 3 inches or less and consumption of every 3 inches almost equals to an hour burn time. Interestingly, it will be extinguished automatically when the flame extends to the clip. Hence, you have no worries whatsoever.

Wish you a Merry Christmas!