Thursday, 25 October 2012

Have Fun with Golf Ball Votive Candles

Are they golf balls? Are they candles? What do you think?
If they are put on the field, they just as if the real golf balls, but...they are beautiful beeswax votive candles in reality.

This set of 4 ivory votive candles is made with 100% beeswax and cotton wicks. They are in ivory instead of ordinary beeswax color owing to the filtering process which result both the natural color and scent being removed. In fact, ivory beeswax candles are a great alternative for those who prefer unscented candles.

These golf ball votive candles are just slightly smaller than real golf balls but they will burn and bring fun to you up to almost six hours. Have them in your garden as decorations or burn them for fun in any special day!

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  1. Hi Juiny

    These look great very creative candles. Do you sell these in bulk at wholesale prices.

    Sarah Midland
    ball candles