Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Special Gift for Your Lady Friend

Is your lady friend's birthday coming soon? Have you decided yet what birthday present to buy for her? Sometimes it could be quite frustrated to think of anything she may like or dislike...
Well, I found this perhaps is a good choice - Lightly Glittered Pink Hand Rolled Pillar. It's simple yet meaningful. Throughout the history, candle provides brightness and gives a touch of warm feeling. In addition, beeswax candle is natural and made from 100%  natural and biodegradable resource, beeswax. Therefore, it can be a nice gift to your friend and to advocate green living at the same time. Pink, the color represents femininity. Pink is romantic, gentle, calming, thoughtful, caring...
Simply add some crystal stones or ribbons around the candle if you would like additional embellishments. Otherwise, just place it alone in a nice gift box would be good enough.
Of course, you can also keep this for yourself (if you like) or buy it for your man (if he is open-minded). The color is feminine but it doesn't mean that he can't have it, right?
 This beeswax pillar is 6 inch x 3 inch. The color is same as the picture shown above, pink and lightly glittered, so it shimmers almost from every angle. Its wick is 100% cotton. Of course, it burns dripless and smoke-free like any other good quality beeswax candles.  

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  1. Hi Juiny

    Thanks for sharing I love visiting your blog and your posts.

    Do you have these in a small candle (half the size) and in a red color.

    Sarah Midland
    candle supply