Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Other Than Candles, Beeswax Makes Many Other Great Products Too!

Beeswax is a natural wax produced by the glands on the abdomen of honeybees. The bees create beeswax as a by-product while making honey in the beehive. In fact, they have to consume approximately eight to ten pounds of honey in order to generate merely a pound of pure beeswax. The color of beeswax ranges from yellow to dark brown; it depends on the kinds of flowers the bees visit. Beeswax actually does not oxidize and it is also not affected by mildew, thus it can be kept for very long period and still remain stable. Today, beeswax has countless uses and it makes numerous great products for our daily lives.

Obviously, the most benefited industries from the presence of beeswax are pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Beeswax is utilized as a natural ingredient in various products to promote health and beauty. In medical sector, beeswax is used for pain reliefs and lowering cholesterol purposes. Problems such as chapped lips, eczema, cracked heels, small wounds or abrasions can be cured by beeswax products due to its moisturizing and anti-bacterial values. Beeswax is present in many cosmetic products nowadays as it has the function to naturally thicken and emulsify oils and waters to create creams and lotions. Another advantage of using beeswax over synthetic substances is it keeps our skin soft, smooth and moisture without leaving skin problems such as acne and pores clogging. Moreover, beeswax is commonly used as hair remedies to treat extremely dry hair in addition to maintain dreadlocks. Beeswax is listed as one of the ingredients in some hair products to help strengthen and moisturize hair. It is also used in pomade and mustache wax for men. To make high quality soaps and perfumes, beeswax is added as a natural fragrance.

At home, beeswax exists as a good helper for the reason it is so versatile especially in solving household problems. For instances, windows and drawers that are stuck possible to be solved by applying a thin coat of beeswax on them. To loosen rusted nuts and screws, simply rub some melted beeswax on them will do. If you wish to maintain your granite counter tops bright and shiny, then use beeswax to polish them. Furthermore, beeswax is also used to lubricate zippers, prevent slippage of worn belts in vacuum cleaners and sewing machines. Some people even use it to polish their leather shoes and furniture at home too.

In food industry, manufacturers use beeswax as a food additive or specifically known as glazing agent/E901 in food, for the purpose of coating and protecting the food from being off. Another practice of beeswax is in weapon, it is utilized to seal or lubricate bullets in cap and ball firearms. These days, even oil spills incidents in ocean can be curbed by using beeswax as part of the concoction to clean up the waste oil.

By and large, beeswax has many practices which just do not stop at candle making. Undeniable, beeswax whether is applied in the method of dipping, pouring or rolling, it is a splendid material to make wonderful candles with clean burning, dripless effect and honey aroma. Nonetheless, beeswax as gift from the bees has far more uses beyond your imagination.

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