Monday, 16 July 2012

How to Make Some Handy Beeswax Tea Lights?

Beeswax tea light candles are seemly used on most occasions from formal weddings to home parties. They are also perfectly lit to enhance the ambiance in your home especially the dining area and your rooms. In truth, you can buy beeswax tea light candles from the local shops or online stores. Allowing for the ease of making as well as cost saving, some frequent consumers are willing to learn and attempt to make their own ones. Making tea light candles is not only fun but you can also control the quality of the candles by using pure beeswax. The information below is to guide you what to use and follow throughout the process of a successful beeswax tea light candle making.
Tools & supplies:
Pyrex measuring cup, scissors, clothespins, plastic/metal tea light cup, cotton wick and beeswax

I cleaned and reused my aluminum tea light cups

Place the desired amount of beeswax into a Pyrex measuring cup. Put the measuring cup into a pot and then fill the pot with water about halfway full the cup. Now you can start heating the pot on high heat until the water inside the pot boils. Let the beeswax liquefies thoroughly. After shut off the fire source, carefully remove the measuring cup from the pot by using a hot pad or oven mitt as the measuring cup is very hot after heating. Prepare the tea light cups close to each other on a level surface and add an individual cotton wick into them. After that, secure every wick with a clothespin to hold the wick in place. Now, you can pour the melted beeswax into each tea light cup until the edge of the cup is reached without overspill. After filling all the prepared tea light cups, leave them for approximately 1-2 hours or until the beeswax becomes solid. Lastly, take out the clothespins and cut each wick to about 1 cm before use.

Tips & warnings:

-Ensure children are away from your workplace especially while you are handling the hot melted beeswax to avoid any unwanted injury or accident.

-Pouring the melted beeswax into the tea light cups through a funnel provides an easier and cleaner way in this step.

-Place a box lid underneath the tea light cups just in case any overflow accidentally happens while pouring the melted beeswax. This approach can save you from cleaning your workplace later.

-Do not remove the tea light cups from the candles, so that the candles can melt completely when lit.

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