Friday, 22 June 2012

How to Burn Beeswax Candles Properly?

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To burn beeswax candles without much hassle and dissapointment, you may want to understand some burning hints and instructions before lighting any candle.

Generally, trim the wick of a candle to ¼ inch before each use providing that the wick seems too long, otherwise just leave it. Dripping may happens later if the wick is too short or too long. Do not try to trim the wick when it is cooled after the flame is estinguished as a cool wick easily breaks and will cause difficulty in relighting it. Besides, do not burn your beeswax candles near drafts and vents or else the flame will flicker and dripping may occurs. Beeswax candles usually have thicker and sturdier wicks than other candles. Therefore, to light a beeswax candle properly, holding the flame to the base of the wick for longer time is required pending the wax of the candle melts and the wick is lit. An ordinary lighter is good enough for this purpose. Make sure the candle is vertically upright in the candle holder when burning. It is also important to choose a suitable metal tool to extinguish your burning candle.

For safety, never leave a burning candle unattended and keep the flame away from the children, pets as well as any flammable objects. Moreover, always place your beeswax candles on a non-combustible and heat resistant surface. Only use appropriate candle holders to hold your burning candles may helps to prevent a fire hazard too.

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