Thursday, 3 May 2012

Why Beeswax Is So Special?

Often, we talk about the good things on beeswax candles or beeswax cosmetics, but what is beeswax actually? Why it is so special?

Beeswax, bees wax, beewax, bee wax or bee’s wax, no matter which term you called it, they all are the same thing – a yellowish to dark brown wax produced by honeybees in the bee hive to construct honeycombs. In fact, beeswax is white and odorless when just created. It becomes darken quickly and absorbs the smell of honey when intermingle with pollen, honey and propolis in the honeycomb. Beeswax is one of the natural products of nature and widely used in making polishes, ointments, crayons and candles after being processed and purified. History recognizes that beeswax as one of the valuable commodities since ancient times.

Do you know that bees will pass through around 150,000 miles which equals to approximately 6 times around the earth and visit 2 millions of flowers to generate merely a pound of beeswax? In other words, only 1 pound of beeswax can be collected from consuming 8-10 pounds of honey. Honeybees initially make wax in the form of extremely small flakes and it takes them to make and assemble almost 500,000 flakes of wax to produce less than half kilogram of beeswax. Wow! Imagine how hard those bees work to provide quality beeswax for us!

One of the uniqueness of beeswax is no expiry. It can be kept as long as you wish even for thousand of years. This is not an exaggeration as a research on ancient Egypt found that beeswax kept in the pyramids almost unaffected even after millenniums. In truth, beeswax if stored for a long time will naturally develop a layer of white powdery which recognized as bloom. However, the bloom will not make any difference to the beeswax and it is actually a desire feature as an indication of pure and high quality.

Beeswax is renewable and very biodegradable to be used to make any products and safe for allergies due to its nature of 100% natural and organic when it is collected from beehives. Moreover, beeswax absorbs the natural fragrance of honey from the same beehive where the honey is made, makes it a distinctive resource in manufacturing cosmetics and candles. Many remarks showed that the sweet and soothing aroma can simply change a person to a better mood by burning beeswax candles. Thus, it is not hard for us to believe that beeswax candles can even enhance the romantic feel of couples at home too.

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